Homework is an ongoing series that I began in 2004. I was gutting and renovating a tiny house in Provincetown, going back-and-forth to Boston to teach. I had no time to get into my studio and thought, I’m just going to do something with the detritus of my days. Small pieces of what was left from working on the house, preparing food or teaching a class were organized between two pieces of packing tape creating a “negative” that I could use for my Cyanotypes. Enjoyed them so much that I began doing them on a larger scale using contact paper instead of tape. What’s kept me engaged with this series for so long is the excitement of not knowing what the final cyanotype will look like since the objects I was use are different densities and light would pass through them at different levels. In the end, any color or content in the material I use is lost and all that remains is a silhouette.

(Home Work Series Carpet – Ron Pizzuti Collection)

Materials I’ve incorporated include:

35mm film

Aluminum foil


Book clots

Bread tags

Candy wrappers


Cassette tapes

Chopstick wrappers

Christmas ribbon

Coffee stirrers

Construction debris

Cut up credit cards

Duct tape



Gift wrap

Hospital bracelets


Masking tape

Pages of braille

Paint samples

Painters tape

Paper reinforcements

Petrified rubber bands

Plastic strapping

Postage stamps

Price tags

Salt packets

Scrap paper

Shredded documents


Tea bag labels

Unpaid bills

Used matches

Vintage wallpaper

Window screening


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